A (North) American Speaks: Olberhole

From North American Correspondent and Dual Citizen Renny MacKay:

  • On the second most notable day of this decade in America the cable news networks have shown again how poorly equipped they are to fulfill their mission. I have to single out MSNBC and Keith Olbermann, after an inspiring inaugural address Olbermann showed off his Ivy League intelligence by talking about the speed or lack thereof with which the president moved through the parade route. His smugness and infuriation were mind-boggling.

    The highlights: Olbermann asks a political analyst if this might be the slowest parade ever AND then he asks noted historian Doris Kearns Goodwin if it is unusual for a president to enter and exit the limousine spontaneously. Thanks Keith.

    My ire led me to change the channel to Fox and I arrive just in time to hear Neil Cavuto ask one of his guests if it is likely that Obama will have to miss one of the inaugural balls because of the slow pace of the parade. Do we not want or need to know actual news? Fox did some great work earlier when the network reported on the cold weather and how parade observers were affected apparently one person even had a heart attack. The insinuation: that Obama was at fault because he was not hurrying to finish the parade. I think Fox is onto something; the Obama administration has already reversed global warming and it is killing people. Honestly though I was in shock because Fox was head and shoulders above MSNBC by actually discussing news rather than just expressing outrage about the pace the president was keeping. That’s not to say Fox was impressive it is just that MSNBC had set the bar so low even Fox could slither over it.

    CNN was just a tad better. Most of the broadcast was glib banter and during the closed-door luncheon CNN broke the story of a senator having passed out. The reporter, Dana Bash (great name), repeated the rumors she had heard about who collapsed. Is any willing to slow down the five minutes required to confirm a rumor??? CNN is not.

  • -On another note I love that there are already conspiracies out there that Chief Justice Roberts intentionally messed up the oath in order to invalidate Obama’s presidency. I didn’t hear that on Fox, but look forward to a discussion about it. BTW it doesn’t matter because Obama can just redo the oath, Calvin Coolidge did.
  • -Chris Matthews has taken over the reins on MSNBC at just made fun of the Crow Nation’s entry in the parade saying, “Boy talk about old style, this could have been Herbert Hoover’s parade.” Then he said Montana really is a cowboy and indian state. As a person from Wyoming I’m appalled, I’d really like it if people in the East could see us as something other than a bunch of hats and bolo ties.

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