The Day in Obama: Day 4

Tackling the easy stuff: Abortion, the Economy, the GOP, Terrorists – In his third full day on the job President Obama managed to act on one of the most divisive issues of our times, took a stab at the greatest crisis of a generation, stuck a finger in the eye of both Republicans and his previous, almost-pious pledge of bipartisanship, and just for the hell of it, he blew some shit up, too.

  • Signed an Order Repealing the “Global Gag Order” on abortion – A policy from the previous administration prevented US Aid going to international groups that perform abortions, promote the procedure or play Pictionary with a version of the game that includes the word.
    Mother Jones and others on the left cheered:

    It was an example of rigid conservative ideology trumping simple pragmatism. And it’s a thing of the past. (For 4-8 years, at least.)

    On the right, well, they’re just a tad more pissed off. One of the more thoughtful responses lays out the “no tax money for abortions” argument, but not before stripping all nuance from the issue and throwing a “You Coward!” in for good measure.

  • Pushed forward on Stimulus Plan, Refuses to Go ‘Best 2 out of 3’ with GOP – Obama continued going through the motions to run out the clock on GOP opposition to his huge stimulus package. The GOP answered with their own plan, got a little contankerous (or some other such folksy made-up word), to which Obama responded by apparently deciding that this bi-partisanship crap was a dumb idea anyway, took his ball and went home, declaring “I won (the November election)” and “Don’t listen to Rush Limbaugh.” It’s expected that millions of Americans will now uh, rush, to listen to Limbaugh to find out what the hell is going on, and who said he could play in this game anyway?
  • Authorized Terror Strike on Pakistan, confusing the hell out of both pundits on the left and right as to how to respond. A few on the right seemed thrilled by the image of the left’s 21st messiah potentially killing civilians. The left was noticeably, deafeningly, silent, while Robert Gibbs realized that the press won’t be bringing him fresh-baked cookies every morning, and thousands of people in Pakistan were heard to exclaim “Aww, dude! Come on! You too? What the hell, man? We don’t even hang with the Taliban anymore, those guys were totally dicks anyway, they took all our chicks and put ‘em in another room while they sit around, eat all our food and watch 24 all day long!

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