The Monday Morning Boring But Important: S-CHIP

If you’re a real political junky or legal geek, you might remember a battle between Congress and President Bush back in 2007 over reauthorizing a program that provides health care for kids in families that don’t qualify for Medicaid, but still can’t afford private insurance and don’t have the time to write to Michael Moore. (The program is called the State Children’s Health Insurance Program, or S-CHIP) Congress passed a bill to expand the program to millions more families, but Bush vetoed it – twice.

Bush’s argument at the time was that the program was too expensive and unfair to insurance companies. Don’t worry, you’re not having a stroke, that burnt toast smell you just caught a whiff of is the hot flaming irony of the situation as S-CHIP again hits the Senate floor tonight – just months after billions of federal dollars flew out the door while all the bookeepers were on vacation to bail out insurance giant AIG. Yes, Virginia, they offer health insurance, too.


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