The Weekend in Obama – Days 5 & 6

With almost as much momentum as the bank-owned armored trucks that have driven the American Dream off a very high cliff in the last year, the Obama administration kept on rolling into its first weekend.

The Prez continued going to bat for his stimulus plan – From what we can tell, most economists on the left seem to think the $825 billion figure being floated for the package is to little by at least half, whereas those on the right worry about our ever-increasing indebtedness to a massive communist nation and the possibility that the money will be inefficiently spent on so-called shovel-ready projects that were put on hold for a reason. Unfortunately, before each economist was able to suggest a solution, their numbers were called in the waiting room of the local unemployment office.

A small fire was reported in one of the administration’s Executive offices – Somewhere in a Wyoming hotel lobby, upon hearing the news, former Vice President Cheney instinctively ordered the carpetbombing of the tiny island nation of Palau as a showing of strength in the face of terror. The very confused concierge responded by ordering Mr. Cheney the most exotic stripper Cheyenne has to offer – a girl named ‘Wind’ who looks like she could maybe pass for Filipino, but is really just half Cherokee.

President Obama received his opening gradeThe first Gallup poll since the inauguration showed a 68 percent approval rating for the new administration. When graded on a curve using the previous standard established by the outgoing Bush administration however, President Obama’s adjusted rating is just below 700% and he wins a full-ride scholarship to Texas A&M.

Day in Obama – Day 4


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