Blah, blah Blagojevich

Blah, Blah Blagojevich

When you don’t have truth on your side and you are in politics or the court of public opinion the best idea is to hire a really high priced PR firm. I don’t know the name of the firm Gov. Rod has hired, but there is no doubt to me that heading to New York to appear on fluffy talk shows is the work of a high priced PR team.

My question is: where is the money for this spin machine coming from? I hope it is not tax money, though I do have to commend this team for the moves; if you want to try and get some people to think you are not the biggest asshole in the country I would try to latch onto something like apple pie, football or the flag. Since those weren’t on the table Oprah was great.

I won’t be surprised if while the Illinois senate goes over the facts of the case Slick Rod doesn’t come out with a line like,

“I considered Mike Ditka for the senate seat.” “Yeah, yeah that’s the ticket. It was Oprah or Ditka those were my two choices. No, no it was Oprah, Ditka and Michael Jordan.”

I love Chicago politics and can’t wait to see the next chapter unfold.

– Renny MacKay


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