The Day in Obama – Day 7

And on the seventh day… he remade the auto industry, and watched America’s #1 negligent taxpayer officially take over the treasury. Fortunately, there’s little left in it to neglect.

  • Directed the Auto Industry to “go green,” upping average fleet MPG to 35 by 2020 – To which the big three automakers responded, “How the hell do you make green out of all of this red ink?” Word is that corporate jets get well over 35 mpg. Anyone smell a new business model?
  • Began directing the EPA to undo just about everything they’ve done for the last eight years – You have no idea what a bitch it will be to take back the “Healthy Forests” initiative that served as cover for expanded logging in National Forests – staffers spent all afternoon in Oregon stacking IKEA “BjornFjording&*%” model coffee tables on top of stumps where old growth forests once stood.
  • Attended confirmation of Timothy Geithner as Secretary of the Treasury – Geithner soared through confirmation, despite concerns over failure to pay his full income tax bill in the past. Geithner said he now plans to claim every American taxpayer as a dependent on his 1040 next year, adding: “it’s gonna be sweet, deductions out the ass, dude.”

The Weekend in Obama – Days 6 & 7


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