The Day in Obama: Day 8

Today, the one who would be all things to all people spoke directly to two groups of people that we think might be completely free of any overlap – the Muslim World and Republicans.

  • A day of compromising and not compromising that we’ll soon forget about – During ongoing bipartisan negotations on the mega-recovery package, Obama backed away from bankruptcy reform and other measures that could help people facing foreclosure in the face of GOP opposition, but later told Republican leaders to “feel free to whack me over the head because I probably won’t compromise on (tax rebates.)” Republicans in the room instinctively waited for either Ted Stevens or Dick Cheney to take the President up on his offer, before realizing that a slap on the wrist with Lindsey Graham’s half-eaten Slim Jim would be all they could muster.
  • Obama tells muslim viewers via Al-Arabiya “Americans are not your enemy” – He then went on to reveal that New Zealanders are in fact the true enemy of the muslim world, and suggested that Muslims and Americans form an alliance with Australia to keep the kiwis up all night before the next physical challenge to ensure that they don’t win immunity for the next round. Obama went on to say that certain European countries that just happen to be up for EU membership were doing some serious shit-talking behind the Muslim world’s back out by the pool last night.

The Day in Obama – Day 7


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