Big Boy Blago Comes Home

Flickr: Goodbye Hug
Originally uploaded by JOE M500

I’ve licked
frozen metal poles, I’ve consumed many cold beverages, I’ve had plenty of face washes (that’s Canadian for someone rubbing snow in your face), but never have I felt my brain lock up the way it did a few minutes ago.

I just saw that our boy Blagojevich has asked to speak before the senate committee that will decide his fate. I don’t think anyone is missing the sheer mental lockdown happening here; he now realizes going on the View wasn’t the right tactic, since Elizabeth Hasselbeck doesn’t have a vote in that committee, and now wants to speak to the people that can remove him from his job.

I’m going to go try and stick my eyeball to a stop sign.
-Renny MacKay

More to feed your Blago fix:


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