The Day in Obama: Day 9

Flickr: diongillard

The commander-in-chief
gets both his stimulus and his drink on after completing his first full week in office – Obama’s stimulus package passed the House in the afternoon, and the President invited Congressional leaders for cocktails at the White House. The Secret Service has been instructed to keep Nancy Pelosi away from the tequila, and to save the worm for Joe Biden to add to his collection of folksy “let me tell you about this one time I ate the worm” anecdotes.

  • Economic recovery bill passes House on party line vote – A GOP push to cut back on spending in the bill and increase tax cuts ran out of steam when Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh finally shut their mouthholes.  Republicans had argued that much of the spending would be wasteful and slow to affect the economy since some programs wouldn’t see the money until 2010. They argued instead in favor of tax cuts that would save taxpayers money…. starting around 2010.  No Republicans voted for the bill. Nobody cared. However, Chinese economists are reportedly smiling wider than Julia Roberts in an orthodontist’s chair.
  • House vote followed by cocktails at the White House – The road to stimulating the economy is paved with liquid depressants. The party will be attended by both GOP and Democratic party leaders, which should be nice and awkward given the party line vote. Our bets are that the event will be a wicked mashup of seventh-grade dance and West Side Story with a little bit of Amy Winehouse night on the town thrown in to keep it interesting, and Robert Byrd from falling asleep.

-Eric Mack


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