The Day in Obama – Day 10

The power, oh, the glorious power. #44 got his first real taste of Presidential power Thursday (Ok, except for blowing up all that stuff in Pakistan last week) by signing his first bill into law. He also made a big to-do about Wall Street executives that get big bonuses for selling imaginary products that are now destroying the financial world. And just when the man was about to feel invincible, untouchable, like some kind of good-looking version of Rush Limbaugh, maybe… a military judge brought him crashing back down….

  • Signs the “Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act” into Law – Part civil rights law, part some sort of blues musician? Actually, Lilly Ledbetter is this white Southern woman, but damn if it doesn’t sound soulful anyway. It also crushes any chance that the “Strom Thurmond Good Ol’ Days Pay Act” would have had in Congress to pay Obama only three-fifths of what the last President made.
  • Slams Wall Street Executives Taking Big Bonuses – Not really going out on a limb with this one are you? He’s also upset with rapists, murderers, that sneaky Benjamin Linus and winter.
  • Receives first Judicial ‘Boo-Ya’ – when a military judge defied 44’s order to suspend a trial at Gitmo involving a suspect in the USS Cole bombings. OK….  Military judge defies Commander-in-Chief. Hmmm…  Who does this guy think he is? Judge Judy? You are an idiot Mr. Sheikh Mohammed! Grow up! And shave that damn beard!

-Eric Mack


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