The Weekend in Obama – Days 12 & 13

44 spent the start of his Super weekend defending Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle, not for his terrible eyeglasses that make even Bono say “Dude, come on!” but in the face of tax troubles. Hmmm… I’m getting a since of deja vu… Nope, sorry that’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” playing in the background. Weird. More on that whole Daschle thing further down. On Sunday, Barry O was determined to turn the weekend around with a Super Bowl party at the white house and a feel-good sit down interview with American journalism’s very own Tom Hanks, the devilishly normal Matt Lauer.

  • Oh God, You Daschle! – HHS nominee Daschle said he’s ‘deeply embarrased’ over failure to report income on past tax returns. He paid over 100k in back taxes and interest. Later Obama said he would ‘absolutely’ continue to back his nominee. Somewhere in a Santa Fe restaurant, Bill Richardson was heard to mutter “this is such Bull Shit.”
    Wonkette says it even better
  • A Super Bowl Pre-Game with Two Charming Men – Obama and Lauer sat down with the full intention of not talking over the heads of the 50 million people watching, but Obama proved an unable to contain himself from dropping at least one JD-bomb, when he told Lauer that US efforts in Afghanistan would not be able to transform that country into a “Jeffersonian Democracy.”

    Somebody needs to tell this guy that we’re watching for a healthy dose of controlled violence and commercials with talking babies.  Obama also alluded to a forthcoming announcement that he’ll be creating a so-called “Bad Bank” or something similar to take toxic assets of the books of struggling banks. We appreciated the smaller words on that one, but most of us still don’t have the will to process what the fuck that all means on Super Sunday, OK?

    What’s that you say? Jessica Simpson is a fat-ass? Now you’re speaking our language!

Eric Mack


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