No Drama Obama? You’ve Gotta Be Pulling My Gregg…

Oh, wow – that is just a terrible headline. Sorry. geez.  Let’s get some distance from that one shall we?

That’s better. Well, good morning folks, and welcome to the newest installment of the soap opera that is the Obama cabinet.  Tax troubles, questionable pardons, pay to play in the Land of Enchantment, and now some wicked political triangulation that’s making our heads hurt. We heard that last night, Chuck Todd’s head actually imploded trying to run the implications of word that New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg has accepted the nomination for Commerce Secretary. So here’s the skinny (do people still say that? I’m feeling so 1950s and Great Society and all tonight, Beav.) – Apparently Gregg struck a deal with the Democratic governor of New Hampshire that his appointed replacement has to be a Republican, or else… Well, we don’t know. Or else he upsets a bunch of people in the party that is supposed to be upset with him anyway, and fails to deliver that crucial sixty seat majority in the Senate to his own party by appointing a Democrat, I guess.  God, politics is dumb sometimes.

So, even if they don’t reach the magic number by plucking Gregg off capitol hill, Obama still co-opts a strong GOP player from a state that’s trending democratic and could deliver that seat in 2010, presuming that things don’t somehow get worse and we haven’t all been stricken with leprosy by that time.

Then again, this is all getting so convoluted, and all this bi-partisanship schlock has been so fruitless so far that maybe, just maybe, it might make more sense to pick the most qualified person for the commerce job? Given the few commercial sectors that are actually doing well now, it seems clear to me that Eddie from the Pawn Shop down the street is the best candidate. Plus, good news – the whole business is off the books, so he hasn’t paid taxes in twenty years. I’m telling you, he’ll fit in perfectly around here.


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