Rats in the Cabinet: Daschle Goes Down

Daschle texts his withdrawl –

OMG,! WTF?  IRS sux!  R we still BFF?

Poor Tommy D – seen here downloading a new Kanye West ringtone using the White House blackberry account as his accountant digs her nails into her armrest – this guy just can’t catch a break.

He gets thrown out of office, just because he was in charge of one of the wimpiest Congressional minorities in history that rolled over and let the GOP attempt to turn the constitution into a Lockheed Martin invoice.

Then – he finally scores some sweet consulting gigs to lobby, but not really lobby, for pie-in-the-sky health care reform that won’t be politically feasible for a generation, and guess what?

The government wants a slice of that action! What gives there? What could they possible need with Tommy’s money? What kind of massive government-funded program could possibly require T’s hard-earned Dakota dollars?

Well, at least now poor Tommy has plenty of time to search for the answer…


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