ObamaWatch Day 15 – Cleaning Out the Cabinet

It was a rough day for the big B.O. – you might even say it stunk. Two Obama insiders removed themselves from the running for jobs in the administration, including the biggest Democratic donkey of late, Driving Mister Daschle himself. But that wasn’t the real surprise of the day – it came later when we watched an American President apologize profusely. Wha?? But doesn’t that mean that the terrorists have won? Here’s how it came to this:

  • BBC News

    Source: BBC News

    Morning – Just another Happy Day in Obamaland – It should have been another warm, fuzzy day in the White House, with the Prez set to introduce his now man at Commerce, and whaddyaknow – he’s a Republican! This bipartisanship might not actually accomplish anything, but it feels like Disneyland! Soon, Gaza and Israel will embrace, Paris and Nicole will reunite for one last DUI, Dogs will love Cats and the Reverend Fred Phelps will introduce the world to his homosexual abortion doctor life partner! But then…

  • AP

    Source: AP

    Late Morning – “Hey, was that a bump in the road or did we just run over Nancy Killefer?” – Upon learning that Obama’s Chief Performance officer Nancy Killefer was removing herself from the administration for some remarkably minor tax issues, the two people in Sioux City who were actually paying attention to the news responded in unison – “Chief what? Nancy who?”

    We still don’t know the answers to those pressing questions, and we still don’t care, but the implication of the announcement was clear – she’s making Daschle look like a total dickwad. So…

  • The Afternoon Bomb Drops, Daschle confesses:

    “I am too much of a spoiled, tax-dodging  prick to tackle our nation’s biggest political pariah, so I will now go back to making filthy amounts of money off that same issue.”

Eric Mack


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