Survey – Who Will Be Next to Fall?

Huffington Post

Source: Huffington Post

Richardson, Killefer, Daschle, Geithner (sort of)…. The Dems’ political titans (and that Killefer lady) are falling like bowling pins on a winter Friday night in Milwaukee.  Who will go down next to help Repubs pick up the spare? Will we find out that Tom Vilsack is hooked on crack? Or that Eric Holder was instrumental in pardoning some scumbag years ago? Or maybe the next bombshell will come from capitol hill – could Henry Waxman be cheating with meticulously waxed men?

Place your bets by leaving a comment here – we’ll forward the results to Wonkette and Wolf Blitzer and that overly enthusiatic Rick Sanchez guy so we’re bound to make the news somehow.


  1. wreckingballreport

    We’ll go ahead and start the bidding with poor old Hillary. I mean come on, this should be too easy for the GOP, right?

  2. Renny MacKay

    My money is on Joe Biden. Come on this guy is hilarious and I just know he’s going to make an off colour joke or racist remark at some point and have to step down. I give him until Friday at noon.

  3. Milkman

    Im thinking Obama will peel off his face (Mission Impossible or Scooby Doo style) and there will be another Bush family member under there somehow

  4. nineroots

    I’m going with Bill. Another B.J. perhaps, just for the attention. Of course, it will reflect poorly on Hillary and people will begin realizing that her problem is so obviously that she hasn’t gotten laid in 10 years. I think this might work to her benefit. It’s a conspiracy.

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