ObamaWatch: Day 17 – BO Gets Tough, Remains Charming

He’s a busy boy, our Barry. On Thursday #44 created the office of faith-based initiatives – and this time it’ll actually do more than teach kids that sex is evil in all forms until you’re married. Welcome to the age of faith-based fornication! Oh wait, apparently that’s not quite what it’s about either… We’ll have to get back to you on that one.  Let’s see what else… Looks like BO also had a little problem involving his labor nominee and some tax problems. Maybe just throw that one over there with the others, we’re all spent on tax evasion jokes (can we deduct that expense?)… Finally, the Prez wrapped up his day with his first flight on Air Force One to a Democratic conference where he beat down Republicans with his hopestick.

  • Labor Secretary Nominee Hilda Solis Faces Tax Question – We’re literally yawning through our outrage on this one.  Ok, her husband’s business had a tax lien against it for 16 years. I’d hate to see what the dude owes in overdue library books.  Clearly, you might want to get your family’s shit in order before entering into the public eye, but aren’t we kind of reaching with this one a little bit? I mean, her name is Hilda! There’s far more material for controversy there – she’s got a witch name! Tie a boulder to her and throw her in the river to see if she floats! If she does, we’ll have to burn her for clearly being made of wood, which is like, almost as weird, right? Besides, we’re pretty sure there’s not much for a Labor Secretary to oversee right now.
  • Created Office of Faith-Based Initiatives – Let’s see here… Initiative #1: $700 million dollars to Jeremiah Wright to research the renewable energy potential of damming America. Interesting. Initiative #2: That’s Weird. All it says is George Michael.

  • Evening Tirade Against GOP Causes First Trimester Miscarriage of BiPartisanship-


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