Facebook Proves its Power to Waste Everyone’s Time, Even Offline

At a pre-determined time, thousands of people streamed into a London train station today, effectively shutting it down, while the mob all danced to music on their MP3 players, in the largest voluntary, unpaid reenactment of a really stupid TV commercial.

The mob participated in the massive marketing coup for T-Mobile for no reason other  than the fact that Facebook told them to.  That, and well, no one has a job in London these days, so what the hell? No socially conscious message of protest, no affiliation with Hare Krishnas or Jews for Jesus, no free T-shirts if you sign up for a credit, no motivation other than to be able to post that video on your wall and earn that sweet status update.

We’re beginning to see why the crusty, old hippie dudes down the street roll their eyes at the younger people in the Whole Foods while standing in the “magnetized water” aisle.

As far as we can tell, the only people who aren’t having their time wasted by Facebook are reporters (and, uh, bloggers)  who can bring up their homepage and find a handful of ready-made puff pieces sitting there waiting for them:

“That Stimulus thing is last week’s news – Simpson, get me 500 words on this ’25 Random Things About You’ deal!”


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