ObamaWatch Weekend Edition (Days 18-20)

“You guys are all pricks, we’re going camping, and this time you’re not invited!” President Obama shouted as he climbed into Marine One for his first trip to Camp David for the weekend, after his attempt at shiny, happy bipartisanship went down in flames and Mitch McConnell and Nancy Pelosi continued into the 79th hour of their Ultimate Fighting Championship death match in the banquet room of the National Press Club. Pelosi’s mastery of the ancient Bhutanese art of Qiang Gong has been impressive, but the steel rod in McConnell’s leg has proven to be a valuable weapon.

  • Restless” Obama and Family Head to Camp David: Contrary to published reports, rest and relaxation was not the point of the trip. GW Bush had apparently left a Saddam Hussein bobble-head doll on the bedstand and requested its return because, as he told Obama:  “you can make some crazy bank off that thing on eBay. You know they ain’t makin’ anymore of those Barry! We made sure of it! So, how you enjoying the perks of the job there, BeBop?”
  • Biden Spends Day in Europe, Makes ‘Ugly American’ Tourists in Dallas Cowboys Jerseys Seem Less Irritating to the French: Apparently his infamous ‘Frog Legs’ joke didn’t go over so well.
  • Prez Continues Talking to Anyone Who Will Listen About the Stimulus: White House and Camp David kitchen staff have apparently struck a compromise to support the plan in exchange for a share of the profits from W.’s Tom Daschle bobblehead, which recently went missing from a storage container in Bethesda, Maryland.

ObamaWatch: Day 17 – BO Gets Tough, Remains Charming


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