In Sports: Tings Down Der ( Bonds & A-Rod )


Not long ago I was in my native homeland of Canada. And on part of my drive I had the company of a Quebecois/musician/naturalist who upon hearing I lived in the US said to me, “Are tings getting really bad down der?” Obviously he must have been referring to baseball and the widespread steroid scandal.

So, are things getting bad down der? I don’t think they are.

Barry Bonds did hit home run number 756. Maybe my children or grandchildren will just accept that and memorize his name and three digit record. But, Bonds will have to live with a stained record. A feat as much known for his home run record hitting prowess as for the growth of his hat and shoe size.

I’m saddened because Bonds is replacing someone in the record books I respect a great deal. The person Henry Aaron looked for after touching home plate and making number 514 official was his mother. He was treated horribly and overcame it with grace and huge forearms. He set the record with consistency and endurance and I will always smile when I think of the relief that he must of felt when he set the record and wasn’t shot. Hammerin Henry Aaron was part of an era of change and bigotry and then transformation; one of the most impressive eras of American history because of the people that showed what non violence and equality are about.

This is why I celebrate Alex Rodriguez and Barry Bonds: They have again shown me that baseball reflects the times. We live in a world where everything is tainted; no politician is clean, no hero selfless, this is truly the me generation. Baseball is again mirroring the rest of society as both are slow to react and try to put true accountability into effect meanwhile turning off the multitudes that sit in the stands and observe.

I find myself screaming, “How can I trust any of you? Why do I pay so much to watch?” But, I know the answer, it’s because I believe in the human spirit and I believe it will rise again.

So, thank goodness for A-Rod and Barry Bonds and I know tings are about to get better down der.

On another note, is anyone happier right now than Michael Phelps?

– Renny MacKay


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