ObamaWatch Day 21: All Stimulus, All the Time

When the times get tough, those who want to seem tough go to Indiana. Is there a  more hard-working, blue-collar, down-to-earth, Cougar Mellencampy, Footloose state out there? The Hoosier state is stump speech heaven, which is why Obama went there Monday to avoid a premature political death. As if that weren’t enough, Obama went on primetime TV to address the nation, again.  Someone should tell the President we’re all watching Hulu now.

  • Obama Stumps for stimulus in Elkhart, Indiana, Economic Ground Zero – Word is that economic times are so bad in Elkhart that the local Starbucks spontaneously melted into a pile of sugary, watered-down goo overnight one evening last December.With unemployment well into the double digits there, Obama used the town’s misery to rally the entire nation to borrow more money from the Chinese economic engine that first launched this town into economic declines years ago. But hope knows no irony, and hell, we’ll try just about anything at this point.Next the President visits Ft. Meyers, Florida to try and talk the city out of pimping out its little sister to keep the lights on.
  • Obama to Nation: ‘Seriously, the Sky IS Falling! Why Would I Make this Shit Up?”

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ObamaWatch Weekend Edition (Days 18-20)


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