ObamaWatch Day 22: ‘We’re Going to Spend Alot on uh, Stuff’

LA Times

LA Times

The hits keep coming for the poor Prez – with his stimulus package finally passing the senate with only 61 votes, you’d think a grateful nation would be FedExing ice cream cakes from all over the country, but noooo – instead the focus of the day remained on Treasury Sec. Tim Geithner’s new bank bailout plan, leaving Timbo in need of a bailout himself after stocks tumbled in response to the plan’s lack of detail. On the bright side, Michelle is on the cover of Vogue – suck on that, investors of the world!

  • Geithner’s Not Reassuring Anyone – Tiny Tim introduced his plan in his first news conference at the Treasury Department. Basically the plan is to spend a lot more money bailing out the banks, as much as 1.5 trillion or more when all is said and done. As to questions of how that money will be spent and how exactly the plan will be executed, or even when he’ll asking Congress that extra chump change, all answers are yet to be determined – apparently Timmy’s accountant is still busy sorting out a few tax issues…
  • Senate Finally Passes Stimulus – Bipartisan ship is alive and well, and it has three names – Specter, Collins and Snowe. Only three Republicans jumped ship to give the package the minimum amount of votes needed to bust the filibuster threat. Compromises had to be made, but nothing important was lost, just critical money for school construction and funds to bail out bankrupt state economies – the result was an indirect stimulus in sarcasm. We’re still upset that none of the items on our short list made it…
  • Obama Visits Hard-Hit Fort Meyers, Fla. – Remember all the good times we had on the campaign trail, America? Can’t we get back to those days when everything was fresh and new and exciting? I just want to get back to that feeling – I know we can be good together again. I can change, I promise, er, I mean Hope and Change, I promise!”

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