Lost Viewers



I am the only person on earth who is still watching ABC’s Lost. During tonight’s show I’m pretty sure New York Governor David Patterson walked through a shot. I used to know people who would hold parties to watch the show. Now I’m confused why I wasted space on Tivo for it.

This show reminds me of a college romance; it starts out with wild sex in the library and ends with you moving to Guatemala for the Peace Corps and her moving to Chicago to work for an pharmaceutical company, maybe you check up on each other on Facebook once every six months and then nine years later you bump into each other at a Chili’s and you’re pushing a baby stroller and she’s holding hands with a guy who is a foot shorter than you and has an earring; all you can think is, “What were we thinking?” Then you remember the first date and how flexible you used to be.

Honestly, I get the feeling the writers of Lost go online before busting out a script and pick up ideas from the fan sites. That’s not a joke. The creators of this series once denied the plot would have anything to do with time travel and now that’s all anyone does. Flash of white light. The character of Ben, played by Michael Emerson was supposed to have a small part in the show. In 2007 he gets nominated for an Emmy.

The producers claim they know how the series is going to end, but I get the feeling they don’t know how it started. Not to mention ABC is dumping money into reviving the show like this is Obama’s presidential campaign. Hello, it’s a recession. Lost is very expensive to make according to my sources… Wikipedia… so I understand why ABC is frightened, but it has been rudderless for years now. You just can’t go back to your first French kiss at a bowling alley and you can’t go back to the island.

– Renny MacKay


  1. Ethan Rom

    What did you want to happen? The writers should have told us the entire plot of the story two seasons before it happened?

    “We have this show that in a few season will have a bunch of time traveling and hatchs and “donkey wheels”.

    That would have made the show real fun to watch. Can’t you just watch the show and enjoy it while it’s on. Or don’t watch it at all.

    I, for one, am enjoying this show this season. They are tying up story line we never thought we would get to see. (Danelle killing her crew, the temple, the smoke monster).

    This is the only show I’ve ever watch that make you think and theroize about it all week until it’s on.

  2. BobBaft

    Can you site your source as to when or where the “creators of this series once denied the plot would have anything to do with time travel”? And don’t list Wikipedia as a source like you did on the expense of the show.

    Maybe you should have spent less time in college having flexible sex and paid more attention in your journalism class…uncredible sources like Wikipedia are like saying “my buddy said so”.

    If you don’t like the way the show is going, browse the internet for somebody else’s ideas, get the money and make your own show.

    I, for two (behind Ethan Rom), am thoroughly enjoying the show. It’s always been a sci-fi drama in a way, now the sci-fi is surfacing more, everyone’s crying. Get over it and go watch CSI or something then.

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