Oh Sweet Jesus, Yes! MC Hammer Lands Reality Show

Remember those bygone days when a hit-making pop crap rapper could still wear glasses and a wardrobe straight out of Aladdin?

Seriously though, Hammer has been your classic rags-to-riches-to-bankruptcy-to-rags-to-I’ll-Take-Whatever-the-Fuck-I-Can-Get story. If that wasn’t made for basic cable, I don’t know what is. I mean really, is this actually surprising news to anyone? Which reminds me – ALF, where you at, buddy?

As the producer of the upcoming show, Hammertime, put it –

“He’s had his ups and downs, and it’s what makes him such a character you root for,”

Perhaps – but to be accurate, he’s had one up, and about 15 years of down since, and uh, an A&E reality series still ain’t quite up. Do you tell all your Hollywood friends that you’re at the top of your career with this one? Do you have Hollywood friends?

Cases in point: Here’s some of the “high” marks of Hammer’s career for your viewing pleasure. It’s going to be tough for A&E to top these.
First up, the performance of a lifetime in every agent’s dream – a cash4gold.com Super Bowl spot.

Next, get ready for a blast from the incomprehensibly terrible, “what the fuck were they thinking” world of Saturday morning cartoons in the early 90s:


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