Why Won’t You Palins Just Go Away?

We paid your damn ransom with those two and a half months of our lives that you and Joe the Plumber stole from us last fall. We thought we had a deal. You get your fifteen minutes of fame/embarrassment and then you retreat back to your white trash winter wonderland to delude yourself with visions of a 2012 Presidential bid; we’ll even humor you for a day or two when you make the announcement, but until then – we need our rest.

Now, we realize that the media is largely complicit in turning you into three ring circus of oddly-named snowmobiling children, incredulous ignorance and folksy lowest common denominator mascot that we all know and can’t believe. But you’ve got to do a little bit of work to keep yourself out of the spotlight. You could have started by looking at the news of the past month – you know, whatever papers or magazines “they put in front of you.” That’s how you would have known that it’s a good idea these days to PAY ALL YOUR FUCKING TAXES! (Palin Told to Pay Taxes on Per Diem Cash)

And don’t ever, ever let your teenage new momma daughter go on national television. How could that possibly be a good idea? There’s just so many jokes in this that it’s actually not worth making any.


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