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Kit Bond, the Republican U.S. Senator from Missouri once thought to be a specialty brand of adhesive for model airplane enthusiasts, is apparently still sniffing the good shit.When it comes to the stimulus plan, this good ol’ boy is having his cake, eating it, and sending a flaming pile of resultant crap out through his flaks. Continue Reading »


Oh, wow – that is just a terrible headline. Sorry. geez.  Let’s get some distance from that one shall we?

That’s better. Well, good morning folks, and welcome to the newest installment of the soap opera that is the Obama cabinet.  Tax troubles, questionable pardons, pay to play in the Land of Enchantment, and now some wicked political triangulation that’s making our heads hurt. We heard that last night, Chuck Todd’s head actually imploded trying to run the implications of word that New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg has accepted the nomination for Commerce Secretary. Continue Reading »

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The commander-in-chief
gets both his stimulus and his drink on after completing his first full week in office – Obama’s stimulus package passed the House in the afternoon, and the President invited Congressional leaders for cocktails at the White House. The Secret Service has been instructed to keep Nancy Pelosi away from the tequila, and to save the worm for Joe Biden to add to his collection of folksy “let me tell you about this one time I ate the worm” anecdotes. Continue Reading »

Today, the one who would be all things to all people spoke directly to two groups of people that we think might be completely free of any overlap – the Muslim World and Republicans.

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If you’re a real political junky or legal geek, you might remember a battle between Congress and President Bush back in 2007 over reauthorizing a program that provides health care for kids in families that don’t qualify for Medicaid, but still can’t afford private insurance and don’t have the time to write to Michael Moore. Continue Reading »