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Hey, boys and girls – have you ever gone to a birthday party that just totally sucked nuts? No, not in the way that you’ll come to enjoy in your sophomore year of college – I’m talking about a totally lame-o party where nobody cool shows up and the cake is made of lime jello, whipped cream and dog hair.

Well children, that’s what’s happening to a poor, murderous old dictator in Africa right now! Continue Reading »


The former Senator from the great state of Delusion wowed Cornhusking students this week with a lecture on America, Christianity and Islam.  Boldly ignoring much of the history of Christianity, he explained (according to the Daily Nebraskan)

“that Christians, who believe in Jesus Christ, never governed or conquered anyone, but Mohammed was a warrior and killed people.”

According to the account, Santorum continued to display his disdain for words and languages that exist in reality: Continue Reading »

We paid your damn ransom with those two and a half months of our lives that you and Joe the Plumber stole from us last fall. We thought we had a deal. You get your fifteen minutes of fame/embarrassment and then you retreat back to your white trash winter wonderland to delude yourself with visions of a 2012 Presidential bid; we’ll even humor you for a day or two when you make the announcement, but until then – we need our rest. Continue Reading »

At a pre-determined time, thousands of people streamed into a London train station today, effectively shutting it down, while the mob all danced to music on their MP3 players, in the largest voluntary, unpaid reenactment of a really stupid TV commercial. Continue Reading »

In the great American political tradition of embarassing brothers like Roger Clinton, Aloeicius P. Taft, and well, George W. Bush, we only had to wait ten days to get this administration’s installment. And boy, oh, boy was it reach for a slow newsday. Seems Obama’s half-brother George has been arrested on Marijuana possession charges.  Oh, by the way, he lives in the slums of Kenya. Told you we shouldn’t have told those limeys at the BBC about Google Alerts!

More at Gawker.

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Leadership in Iran and D.C. are currently caught in the middle of shooting a sequel to the ’80s arm-wrestling Stallone classic Over the Top. Ok, maybe this version is a little more eloquent and less sweaty, but Sly needs every plug he can get these days.

Obama, in his interview with an Arab TV network, said he would be willing to engage Iran if its loony leaders will “unclench its fist.”

“I’ve already told you there are no homosexuals in the Islamic Republic of Iran!” Ahmadinejad initially replied before an aid whispered something in his ear and he continued, “That is to say – America is the one that must unclench its fist.” Continue Reading »