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Courtesy of, it’s “Trillion Dollar Bailout” – the easiest way to slap a CEO. But don’t worry, we’re still on for that cross-country looting and burning tour of Circuit City stores…

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And the winners were: Slumdog, the dead guy and that seriously irritating liberal guy. The losers are Mickey Rourke and the home television audience.

Also, lots of women wore lots of overpriced gowns that will only earn them a week’s worth of mockery; Wolverine hosted and no one knows why or how that came about; oh, and did you know that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are together? How ’bout that?”

Consequently, there was about three minutes of the whole evening worth watching…

Remember those bygone days when a hit-making pop crap rapper could still wear glasses and a wardrobe straight out of Aladdin?

Seriously though, Hammer has been your classic rags-to-riches-to-bankruptcy-to-rags-to-I’ll-Take-Whatever-the-Fuck-I-Can-Get story. If that wasn’t made for basic cable, I don’t know what is. I mean really, is this actually surprising news to anyone? Which reminds me – ALF, where you at, buddy? Continue Reading »

Lost Viewers



I am the only person on earth who is still watching ABC’s Lost. During tonight’s show I’m pretty sure New York Governor David Patterson walked through a shot. I used to know people who would hold parties to watch the show. Now I’m confused why I wasted space on Tivo for it. Continue Reading »