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Google Earth, the application best known for boosting the self-esteem of crop circle enthusiasts, and its new sister app, Google Ocean may have helped lead to the discovery of the ancient, mythical, D&D nerd fantasy city of Atlantis. Experts say they’ve spotted what appears to be grid-like lines on the Ocean floor off the Canary Islands that could be the remains of the lost casino-inspired city.

Upon hearing the news, IL Governor Pat Quinn called a press conference to nominate scandal-ridden Senator Roland Burris to head a team of explorers to the site. Continue Reading »


But, apparently we knew enough. So much for the political power of The View. Enjoy your six-figure salary at some shady consulting firm, followed by the seven-figure book deal.  Well, as soon as that minor affair of a trial on federal charges is all over with, that is.  Dick.
-Eric Mack

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I’ve licked
frozen metal poles, I’ve consumed many cold beverages, I’ve had plenty of face washes (that’s Canadian for someone rubbing snow in your face), but never have I felt my brain lock up the way it did a few minutes ago.

I just saw that our boy Blagojevich has asked to speak before the senate committee that will decide his fate. I don’t think anyone is missing the sheer mental lockdown happening here; he now realizes going on the View wasn’t the right tactic, since Elizabeth Hasselbeck doesn’t have a vote in that committee, and now wants to speak to the people that can remove him from his job.

I’m going to go try and stick my eyeball to a stop sign.
-Renny MacKay

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Blah, Blah Blagojevich

When you don’t have truth on your side and you are in politics or the court of public opinion the best idea is to hire a really high priced PR firm. Continue Reading »