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“Happy Fucking Valentine’s Day, Barack – I’m Outta Here. Have fun with your two concubines from Maine and that slut Specter, you two-timing transformational messianic hunk! You told me I’d be your only true elephant! Oh God – it hurts, oh it hurts…” Judd Gregg began his press conference to announce that he was giving back the 24-karat cabinet post he received from Barry beneath the Lincoln Memorial. Continue Reading »


Oh, wow – that is just a terrible headline. Sorry. geez.  Let’s get some distance from that one shall we?

That’s better. Well, good morning folks, and welcome to the newest installment of the soap opera that is the Obama cabinet.  Tax troubles, questionable pardons, pay to play in the Land of Enchantment, and now some wicked political triangulation that’s making our heads hurt. We heard that last night, Chuck Todd’s head actually imploded trying to run the implications of word that New Hampshire Republican Senator Judd Gregg has accepted the nomination for Commerce Secretary. Continue Reading »