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Richardson, Killefer, Daschle, Geithner (sort of)…. The Dems’ political titans (and that Killefer lady) are falling like bowling pins on a winter Friday night in Milwaukee.  Who will go down next to help Repubs pick up the spare? Will we find out that Tom Vilsack is hooked on crack? Or that Eric Holder was instrumental in pardoning some scumbag years ago? Or maybe the next bombshell will come from capitol hill – could Henry Waxman be cheating with meticulously waxed men?

Place your bets by leaving a comment here – we’ll forward the results to Wonkette and Wolf Blitzer and that overly enthusiatic Rick Sanchez guy so we’re bound to make the news somehow.


It was a rough day for the big B.O. – you might even say it stunk. Two Obama insiders removed themselves from the running for jobs in the administration, including the biggest Democratic donkey of late, Driving Mister Daschle himself. But that wasn’t the real surprise of the day – it came later when we watched an American President apologize profusely. Wha?? But doesn’t that mean that the terrorists have won? Here’s how it came to this: Continue Reading »

Daschle texts his withdrawl –

OMG,! WTF?  IRS sux!  R we still BFF?

Poor Tommy D – seen here downloading a new Kanye West ringtone using the White House blackberry account as his accountant digs her nails into her armrest – this guy just can’t catch a break.

He gets thrown out of office, just because he was in charge of one of the wimpiest Congressional minorities in history that rolled over and let the GOP attempt to turn the constitution into a Lockheed Martin invoice. Continue Reading »

44 spent the start of his Super weekend defending Health and Human Services nominee Tom Daschle, not for his terrible eyeglasses that make even Bono say “Dude, come on!” but in the face of tax troubles. Hmmm… I’m getting a since of deja vu… Nope, sorry that’s “Where the Streets Have No Name” playing in the background. Weird. More on that whole Daschle thing further down. On Sunday, Barry O was determined to turn the weekend around with a Super Bowl party at the white house and a feel-good sit down interview with American journalism’s very own Tom Hanks, the devilishly normal Matt Lauer. Continue Reading »