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Not long ago I was in my native homeland of Canada. And on part of my drive I had the company of a Quebecois/musician/naturalist who upon hearing I lived in the US said to me, “Are tings getting really bad down der?” Obviously he must have been referring to baseball and the widespread steroid scandal.

So, are things getting bad down der? I don’t think they are. Continue Reading »


So let’s see – half the professional sports world gets Christmas cards from Balco, the governing body that oversees the Olympics is notoriously scandalous and tainted by corruption, and yet one pic that would be considered tame by modern MySpace standards hits the tabloids…  and one of the greatest American athletes of our time gets suspended and his entire career is now  in question?

This shit isn’t supposed to happen with a black President! (No, not because all black people smoke pot. At least we don’t think that’s true… Anyone ever hit a spliff with Michael Steele?) Continue Reading »