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The P. Diddy signed executive orders to help the few employed workers remaining in America, in particular those that still belong to unions. Yes, we still have those. They’ve been somewhere in the corner of our closet for the past decade. He also called China’s Hu Jintao to talk about currency, but became so god-awfully bored by the conversation that they soon fell back on a twenty minute “Hu’s on first?” routine. Oh, and just to round out the day, he recorded a video address to the nation confirming that the world seriously sucks right now. Thanks for the jump start on the weekend, Barry.

  • The President invited union leaders to the signing ceremony for a few executive orders – aiming to undo Bush policies that were tantamount to forcing union leaders to wear all pink with “kick me” signs attached to their backs for the last eight years.  Union leaders said they were excited to get back to work, just as soon as they find some.
    – MyDD: Labor Has An Ally In The White House Again

  • The President Hears a Hu – In a move that’s almost to boring to report, but important enough that it’s clawing Chinese characters across my forehead right now – that conversation between Chinese President Hu Jintao and Obama came after Treasury Sec. Geithner made his first faux pas during his confirmation hearings, calling China a “currency manipulator.”  The call was apparently to smooth things over as Obama prepares to ask the Chinese for one of the biggest loans in history to bailout the world economy. Sound important? It is, but if I went any further into the details you’d have to spend the next 8 hours watching C-Span just to do something more exciting.
  • Confirms “Everything Really is as Shitty as It Seems” – In his Saturday morning video address, Obama called the ongoing economic downturn “a continuing disaster for America’s working families.” Then apologized for blowing sunshine up our asses.
    Politico: Obama has More Bad News

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