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After taking a seatless bicycle to the nuts from the media and Tom Daschle’s accountant on Tuesday, Barack Obama woke up today and  was comforted to remember that his ball point pen is the most powerful in the world. So he used it to give health insurance to 4 million children and take away millions of dollars from inept, infuriatingly-arrogant-with-a-sense-of-entitlement-that-makes-the-kids-on-the-Real-Housewives-of-Orange-County-seem-like-fucking-Tiny-Tim Wall Street executives. He also did that cool thing where he rolled it from finger to finger over his knuckles. Then he pulled a quarter out of Barney Frank’s ear. Continue Reading »


The power, oh, the glorious power. #44 got his first real taste of Presidential power Thursday (Ok, except for blowing up all that stuff in Pakistan last week) by signing his first bill into law. He also made a big to-do about Wall Street executives that get big bonuses for selling imaginary products that are now destroying the financial world. And just when the man was about to feel invincible, untouchable, like some kind of good-looking version of Rush Limbaugh, maybe… a military judge brought him crashing back down…. Continue Reading »